Last week saw the start of the Calderdale Play Touch competition on the Savile Park Moor.  With a light drizzle and a chilling wind the first few teams appeared like a shining light through the grey clouds!!  There were some familiar faces from last years winning team the 'Odds and Ends' which included Steve Shearne and his entire family who gave him more than a little support.  There were also the Siddal 'All Stars' returning with youth and enthusiasm abound.  

This year sees the birth of an exciting new team called the 'Upbeat Bandits' who are all new to the game but they have had the advantage of 4 weeks coaching with CCCT staff at 3GI soccer through March.  Sporting their new branded Play Touch Rugby League water bottles and showing off their new found skills the new team didn't look out of place at all.

Play Touch Rugby League staff were on hand to help register everyone on our first night and they were also impressed with the turn out. The proof in the success was in the smiling faces of the teams as they skipped gingerly back to their cars to warm back up!!!

If you and your friends want to come up and try Play Touch out, you can find us behind the Fish n Chip shop on Savile Park above Manor Heath. We will be there for the next 15 weeks come rain or shine (mostly shine!!!)