The Faxettes and Bluebelles have been a regular feature of Halifax RLFC games for the past 7 years.

The last 2 years has seen the loss of grant funding, the continued lack of new members and the CCCT were unable to secure any new sponsorship.

Due to this fact the CCCT have made the tough decision to axe our dance programme for 2014.  Even with the kind donations of our longstanding supporters there remains a shortfall in finances which the CCCT cannot meet. 

This sad news comes as the first Halifax RLFC game of 2014 is due to start this weekend at home.

Frank Watene, Project Manager for the CCCT says,

'It feels like the end of an era for the CCCT and the loss of this dance programme will be hard to fill in our delivery programme.  We have reached so many young people through our dance programme and the girls are well known around the community for all their charitable work including the Halifax Charity Gala and other community shows.'

Frank also says, 'I would like to thank Hazel Shaw, our dance tutor, for her long service to the CCCT and wish her all the best for the future in all her endeavours.'

The Bluebelles were at one time nearly 100 strong at the height of its popularity but have slowly been on the decline.  There have been many new faces over the years but the proof of the programmes success was in the development and promotion of the current Faxettes from within the Bluebelles dance pathway. 

The CCCT are welcoming the news that the Halifax RLFC are looking at creating an alternative dance programme themselves, as they realise the importance of dance to the young people of Halifax.  Further details of this new programme will be posted on the Halifax RLFC website within the next few weeks.