Crowd at the Shay

November the 10th saw the big RLWC 2013 match kick off at the Shay Stadium in front of over ten thousand people!  The CCCT were present in the support staff on the day with Chris Mitchell in charge of the young mascots who accompanied the players out and the 'Parade of Champions'.  He also helped to organise the Masters Rugby League match on the pitch during the day.  A big thank you for his hardwork on the day and efforts before for the CCCT in the build up.

Paragde of championsParade of ChampionsParade of champions Parade of champions

'Big Frank' was also working on the day, leading the children in the Tongan war dance or 'Sipi Tau'.  There were just short of 500 children who performed with the help and support of school staff and members of the 'Upbeat' team on the pitch.  All who attended have had high praise for the event and enjoyed the once in a lifetime opportunities they had thanks to CCCT staff.

pre match sipi tau

The Bluebelles and Faxettes had a high profile role dancing in both the halftime entertainment for the RLWC and on the pitch during the match.  Hazel Shaw the creative director and Dance tutor of the team said that this was 'the most exciting opportuinity for these girls and something they will never forget'.


In short it was a fantastic job from all the team at the CCCT.  A big Thanks to all those young people who took part in the day and were part of the 10,000 who attended the Shay with us.